Top 19 Macrame Wall Hanging Home Decor 2024

Macrame wall hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns Ideas

A touch of bohemian elegance can be added to living spaces with macrame wall hanging which are becoming an increasingly popular and flexible home decor trend. Macrame, a modern artistic expression technique takes inspiration from the ancient skill of knotting textiles. These finely created pieces offer a distinctive and customizable method for decorating your walls in addition to showcasing the beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

To inspire you to upgrade your area with this classic and fashionable style we will look at 19 original ideas for macrame wall hangings in home decor.

1. Macrame Wall Hanging:

Make a big impression in the bedroom by using a giant macrame wall hanging as the headboard. Your resting area will feel more romantic and bohemian because of its texture and sophisticated designs.

Macrame Wall Hanging

2. Macrame Art:

Make a gallery wall by framing smaller macrame pieces. This creative method transforms macrame into wall art giving any space a vibrant and unique style.

Macrame Art

3. Macrame Room Divider:

Utilize macrame wall hangings as attractive room separators to split areas in an open floor plan or to create a cozy corner. Light and airy sense is added by the method in which the fibers move.

Macrame Wall Hanging

4. Macrame Plant Hanger:

Make an elegant planter with the use of macrame wall hangings. it gives your area a charming touch and feels organic and natural.

Macrame Plant Hanger

5. Macrame Wall Tapestry:

Transform your accent wall into art by hanging a large macrame tapestry. It enhances the ambiance’s overall beauty and produces a visually appealing focal point.

macrame wall patterns

6. Layered Wall Hangings:

To make an attractive and tactile display on your walls try layering several macrame wall hangings with different sizes and patterns. This increases the overall beauty of the walls.

Macrame Wall Hanging

7. Accent above Furniture:

Use a tiny macrame wall to draw attention to furniture pieces like dressers consoles and sofas. Without taking up a lot of room it provides a decorative touch to your space.

Macrame plant hanger

8. Entryway Statement:

Place a statement piece in the entryway to welcome visitors. The moment someone walks into your home a macrame wall hanging can set the tone for your decor style.

macrame cord

9. Kid’s Room Decor:

Add whimsical and cozy touches to a Kid’s room or nursery by hanging macrame wall hangings with whimsical patterns or even personalized names.

Kid's Room Decor

10. Seasonal Decor:

Seasonally switch out your macrame wall hangings to keep your decor looking new. For spring and summer think about lighter designs while for autumn and winter choose cozier darker tones.

Seasonal Decor

11. Wedding Backdrop:

With enormous macrame wall hangings you may create a gorgeous backdrop for wedding ceremonies or photo booths. A lovely and unforgettable scene is created by the complex patterns.

Wedding Backdrop

12. Home Office Accents:

Add a little macrame wall hanging to your home office to make it look better. It provides a touch of creativity and innovation to conventional office decor.

Home Office Accents

13. Bohemian Bathroom:

Add a tiny macrame wall hanging to your bathroom to elevate the decor. Your bathroom will look elegant and feel peaceful due to the natural fibers boho touch.

macrame wall hanging patterns

14. Macrame Reading Nook:

Add a macrame wall hanging to turn your reading nook into a comfortable haven. The textures combine to create a cozy and relaxing environment.

Macrame Reading Nook

15. Kitchen Wall Decor:

Hang a piece of macrame in the kitchen to surprise guests with an unexpected decor element. It is a special approach to give this practical area some personality and coziness.

macrame cord

16. Bed Canopy Accent:

A macrame wall hanging can be used as a decorative accent for a bed canopy to create a dreamlike environment. The bedroom is made more romantic by this unique arrangement.

macrame canopy bed

17. Outdoor Oasis:

Give your outside area a touch of macrame charm. To create warm and fashionable outdoor retreats hang weatherproof macrame pieces from a shade structure or patio.

macrame decor

18. Personalized Family Wall:

Create customized wall art by using macrame wall hangings to display pictures and memories of family. Combining small pieces of macrame with framed images makes a unique display.

macrame wall decor

19. Dining Room Macrame:

Make an eye catching backdrop of your dining area by using macrame wall hangings. it will elevate the space and create a welcoming ambiance.

macrame wall hanging patterns


Wall hangings made of macrame provide any interior design charm and individuality. Wall hangings made of macrame can be used to draw attention to statement pieces and focal points in any area as well as enhance the overall aesthetics of the home.


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